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Fashion Feature: African Fashion Brands – SansField

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Today’s fashion feature sets the spotlight on Sansfield, a local fashion brand by Thato “Fargo” Lesetedi. A quick chat with the 23 year old from Mahalapye provided the inside scoop on all things SansField. With that said, ladies & gentlemen I present to you ….

When was SansField established?

Thato: 2019 officially but I’ve always had the idea to start a line since junior high school.

With the start of something comes inspiration.

What inspired you to start the brand?

Thato: I feel black people are responsible for a lot of things considered pop culture today so I decided to use our history as Africans to make a brand that’s unique to what’s popular now. Hence the rock painting font on my first collection (as seen below).

Model: @karabo-katt
Photographer: @lucid.shooter
Creative Director: @karabo.katt
Wearing: SansField

“I guess I’ve always loved fashion subconsciously because my mom used to be a tailor. “Never look like anyone else” she used to say. At times she’d get mad when she saw kids in the same tees or shorts as me. I’m like that now, I hate looking like others.” says the young designer.

To Be Unique Is To Be Your True Self.

Could you give a brief background on the brand name?

Thato: The name is simple. We are descendants of the khoi-‘SAN’ people & the field part is because that’s how we’ve been sustaining ourselves as Africans (agriculture). So Sansfield means to me, home of the African.

Model: @karabo-katt
Photographer: @lucid.shooter
Creative Director: @karabo-katt
Wearing: SansField

Who is your target market?

Thato: Batho Bantsho (People Of Color) Simple as that, lol.

We all know that with every dream or idea, is a bigger vision behind it all.

What is your vision for the brand?

Thato: To dismantle the idea that you have to be wearing clothes from big/expensive brands like Supreme or Balenciaga in order to have a fire fit. I want Sansfield to be close to my people’s hearts y’kno. The same way we all love say, NIKE.

Do you plan on going international?

Thato: Oh we are definitely going international. That’s something I’ve planned for.

Model: @karabo.katt
Photographer: @lucid.shooter
Creative Director: @karabo.katt
Wearing: SansField

When can we expect the next collection to drop?

Thato: Next year – I don’t wanna be too specific because I don’t like dropping sh*t that’s not great. It has to be something I’m proud to wear.

Which designers & fashion houses inspire you/your work?

Thato: Uhh designers would be Demna Gvasalia, Jerry Lorenzo, Matthew Williams, YOON, Virgil, Thabang RABOTHATA, Rich Mnisi, Kim Jones etc … I could go on allll day bro lol. As for fashion houses, currently I’m in love with Dior, Palm Angels, DEAD, Fear of God, Rich Mnisi, Maxhosa by Laduma & AMBUSH.

If you were to describe SansField in 3 words, what would they be?


Thato “Fargo” Lesetedi
The Face & Creative Founder Of SansField.

Well there you have it dudes & dudettes, SansField. Be sure to check them out on all social platforms & hook yourself up.

Be on the lookout for the next collection. With that said, read more of my fashion adventures here.

All my love!

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