Jacquemus Fall 2020 RTW

Location: La Defense Arena Paris – Jacquemus Fall 2020

Simon Porte Jacquemus has done it once again.

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Fun fact, I don’t really have any favorite fashion houses or designers. For me fashion is simply about feeling good in what I am wearing. In addition; a way of expression, comfort & above all fun. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if its designer wear, fast fashion, tailor made, a hand me down or a thrifted fit. As long as it ticks the 4 boxes it’s all good.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to the fashion scene; I do. In fact, that’s how I got to know about the oh so fabulous Jacquemus. I first fell in love with his work at the time of his SS20 Le Coupe De Soleil 10 year anniversary show. The outdoor setting, the playfulness/use of color, the models & the general aesthetic took me by surprise & left me wanting more.

After that came the Mini Bag Drop, “Le Chiqiutto” which in my opinion took fashion accessories to a new level. IN MY OPINION! I mean you had your big time celebrities, fashion bloggers, youtubers & fashion lovers like you & I rocking them or at-least wanting to. You don’t get that everyday, unless of course you’re a Rih or B then yeah cool.

Bottom Line: I Fell Head Over Heels, Tumble & Spin In Love.

Now question is, does it end there? In short … No Honey!

As we all know, it’s a new year! Seasons change, its scouting season, worldwide fashion week, collection drop after collection drop & the people just want to know what to rock next. Once again, Jacquemus did not hesitate to wow the masses as he showcased his latest co-ed collection at La Defense Arena in Paris recently.

Main Event – The Year 97′

This was one of his most important collections states the designer as highlighted by Refinery 29, Vogue & Forbes to name a few. Jacque highlights the first time he made a skirt for his mother out of a curtain in the year 97 on his Instagram during a moment of nostalgia.

Some would say this particular showcase could not top his 10 year anniversary show, however, I take a different view. As supermodels from the likes of The Hadid Sisters graced the runway, one couldn’t resist having a “head turner” moment. From the all white runway, the black walls serving as backdrops & the models to the bold yet minimal pieces & of course the iconic “mini bag moment”; certainly, one cannot deny wanting more.

L’année 97 (translated: The Year 97) consists of aesthetic pieces lightly laced with timeless accessories. You had your ombrè denim pieces, your blazer looks & puffer jackets, head scarves, oversized pieces, the slip dress looks, knee high boots & for some of the guys unzipped Jeans lol. A combination of simplicity & boldness.

Once more the world was taken by storm as I saw many showing love, magazines rushing to get the scoop & some going as far as reposting & sharing the pieces. It’s not everyday a designer or creative comes along and is able to drive that much word through their work.

There’s so much more to speak on but as I always say, it’s best you get the full experience yourselves dudes & dudettes. With that said be sure to check out the full show here.


Iman Skhairi

Victor Virgile/ Gamma-Rapho /Getty Images
Peter White/Getty Images

Bureau Betak

Inès Manai

And More.

Take a look at my favorites from both collections below!


For more fashion start here and find more below. Stay tuned for my next adventure.

All my love!

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