Jacquemus Spring 2021 Ready To Wear

Welcome back dudes & dudettes! I am back with another blog post & today we will be looking at the latest Jacquemus Spring 2021 Ready To Wear Collection, L’amour.

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So if you haven’t noticed already, I am sort of a huge Jacquemus fan so it was only right for me to share my thoughts on this one. . . As we all know (not to be funny, I know we all do) life has been shaken up quite a lot in the past few months, leading to cancellations on a lot of events including fashion week. With that we’ve been forced to rethink the way we do things & to get creative. We’ve seen many brands & fashion houses go back to the drawing board, coming up with ways to deliver the best for their consumers & supporters. This led to many designers getting creative with digital runway shows, exhibitions & so forth. How exciting!


Alright so if you’ve had a peak at the show or atleast seen the pictures then you’ll know that Jacquemus took us back to his spring summer collection back in 2018, having this year’s collection in a gorgeous field just outside of Paris. You had seats placed all around the wooden runway, social distancing but make it fashion. Everyone had their own little space to sit & enjoy the show whilst getting a great view at the work of art that is his designs. Might I add that the location complemented the models & the designs with the colours & tones working perfectly in synchrony.


If you didnt already know, I’m a sucker for chilled earthy toned minimalist colours & this collection was the very definition of that. Screaming of modern day elegance, for both the menswear & womenswear this collection should have you filling that cart like a mad man with no budget. According to Vogue, Porte Jacquemus wanted this collection to talk of love & celebration hence the name L’amour. We cannot deny that this collection definitely left us head over heels.


Can you spell diversity? Well that’s exactly what made up the cast of models. It’s truly refreshing seeing brands & designers taking the time to be inclusive and supportive. I only hope that this is not a factor of the current moment but rather a genuine long term way of doing things. The model cast was what did it for me, from the diversity in sizes to skin colour. You couldn’t look on the runway and feel as though there is no one to represent you. I think this was by far my favourite thing about this collection & show. . . .

When writing up on anything fashion there’s always so much one could say but as I always say, it’s best to experience things for yourself in order to build a solid view. Be sure to check out the full runway show here. While you’re at it check out a few of my previous posts here.



Morgane Lay

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