Life After Lockdown: All The Feels

Life after lockdown: I’ve been gone for a while and I must say it’s been hard trying to get back into “every day routines”. Everything feels so foreign so different. That aching feeling of being disconnected seems to dominate the atmosphere.

Life has been distorted lately. Countries, cities, businesses, factories, schools, people trying to get back to anything somewhat normal but truth is life is the furthest it’s been from normal right now. One would say things are falling apart but maybe things are falling into place in their own little way. As much as I havent felt like myself throughout this whole thing and I’m sure many of us can relate, I’ve come to learn a lot more in being still than I have in a long time. I’ve had the opportunity to reassess and relearn a lot as well as assess and learn new things. My perspective has been shifting a whole lot more and I’ve learnt to appreciate the art of being still, having conversations with myself and God whenever I can though truthfully in that area I’m still learning.

The fact is I’m learning, I’m seeing things from a new perspective and despite how heavy this time has been on us all, I’d like to think we’ve all found a new appreciation for the things God has placed before us and around us. Often we take the mere thought of leaving the house even just to get bread for granted, you’d dread the idea with your all a few months ago but now even that small act has become more of a luxury. With that said, maybe even though theres so much bad attached to this theres a bit of good in it. How life balances itself I presume.

None of us are sure what tomorrow will bring let alone the next week or month, but one thing is for sure: each day, each act is a gift from God. Now we know better than to take that for granted. We’ve been given more time to spend with Him, with our families and ourselves. We’ve learnt more, we’ve seen more be unveiled forcing us to face the reality we have been running from. Some have gone back to old hobbies, some created new ones, new talents being discovered, more opportunities arising, more healing and discovery, more reading , more selfcare, more wisdom, more time for those responsibilities we often put off, more bible time,more time to journal and just enjoy nature from the comfort of your backyard , window or doorstep.

That’s where I am right now with my views on this experience. There’s still so much more to learn and discover be it about the world or about ourselves but we can always walk away with something from this from both a spiritual point of view in terms of what God’s message behind all of this was and a day to day point of view in terms of how we carry ourselves from now on, how we live and learn.

How we carry ourselves from here on out solely depends on how we chose to react to what we’ve learnt and experienced.

With that said , stay tuned for my next blog post and be sure to stay tuned for more on of this conversation coming soon on my youtube channel.

All my love!

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