Fashion Week: What I’d Wear

Hey hey Dudes & Dudettes.
I am back with yet another fashion blog post: “Fashion Week: What I’d Wear!”

This post was inspired by SiaInStyle’s latest Netaporter blog post. I loved the whole concept behind it & thought it would be fun to put together outfits of my own for fashion week. To start off, I gave myself an IMAGINARY £2000 to shop. I then proceeded to choose pieces I’d love to scoop from Zara , Asos & Topshop to create & pair the outfits I’d rock for fashion week according to my personal style. With that said, let’s get into it.

My fashion week lookbook Ft. Zara , Asos & Topshop.

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Day 1:

Outfit Details:

Knotted Dress – Zara (£29.99)
Vinyl High Heels – Zara (£39.00)
Animal Print Bag – Zara (£29.99)
Chunky Hoop Earrings – Topshop (£5.95)

Day 2:

Outfit Details:

Lilac Satin Dress – Asos (£28.00)
Nori Wedge Mules – Topshop (£37.80)
Baby Blue Pillow Clutch – Asos (£22.00)
Square Resin Earrings – Topshop (£10.99)

Day 3:

Outfit Details:

Beaded Mini Bag – Topshop (£19.20)
Denim Mini Dress – Zara (£29.99)
Beaded Earrings – Topshop (£8.75)
Nirvana Heel Sandals – Asos (£35.00)

Day 4:

Outfit Details:

Square Toed Heels – Asos (£29.99)
Metal Shoulder Bag – Zara (£29.99)
Mint Green Pleated Dress – Zara (£15.99)
Woodstick Drop Earrings – Topshop (£5.95)

Day 5:

Outfit Details:

Pandora Pearl Bag – Topshop (£15.00)
Knit Dress – Zara (£49.99)
Square Toe Heel Sandals – Zara (£59.99)

After Party Looks:

Outfit Details:

Mom Jean’s – Asos (£40.00)
Snake Print Boots – Topshop (£25.00)
Everyday Tshirt Pack – Topshop (£18.00)
Orange Croc Trench Coat – Asos (£85.00)

Outfit Details:

Mini Shirt Dress – Asos (£42.00)
Drop Hoop Earrings – Topshop (£8.75)
Lilac Wedge Mules – Topshop (£37.80)

Outfit Details:

Padded Heel Sandals – Zara (£69.99)
Twig Green Boxy Bag – Topshop (£19.80)
Ribbed Set – Zara (£17.99 Top/Shirt £17.99)

Outfit Details:

90s Shoulder Bag – Asos (£18.00)
Wide Leg Trouser – Asos (£45.00)
White Poplin Shirt – Asos (£20.00)
Nina Green Mules – Topshop (£32.00)

Well there you have it ladies & gentlemen, my Zara, Asos & Topshop fashion week lookbook. I managed to stay on point with the imaginary budget lol (total: a good £1003 adjusted) & managed to get some capsule pieces in as well. I had fun putting this one together & I hope you have just as much fun reading it and creating your own looks.

Stay tuned for my next adventure.

All my love!

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